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Version 3.7

BUG FIX: Double clicking instances in front of other objects is now much more consistent.

BUG FIX: Double clicking instanced collections could cause crash.

BUG FIX: Double clicking bones while in armature edit mode broken for Blender 3.6

IMPROVEMENT: Ensure all keymap items removed on Power Select uninstall.

IMPROVEMENT: Double-clicking collection instances to edit their contents (make their source collection visible or unpack it into a regular collection so the objects are editable in the scene) now works much more consistently with any level of collection nesting.

IMPROVEMENT: Toggling visibility of an instance’s source collection by double-clicking it has gotten smarter. Collection instances will only be hidden if in the exact location of the instance’s source collection objects. You can also double-click any instance of a collection to toggle the visibility of its source collection. You can also double-click away on the screen anywhere to toggle visibility of a collection with instances present in the scene while any of that collection’s objects are selected.

IMPROVEMENT: A message now displays in the header when double-clicking a collection instance to edit its contents as well as a message when the instance is unpacked into a regular collection (this occurs when double-clicking an instanced collection to edit its contents if its objects are not already linked to the scene i.e. in a regularly accessible collection).

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