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Before Contacting Support…

Addons should be used with stable, official releases of Blender only. We can not predict how our addon will interact with unstable or third party builds of Blender. Likewise, we can not predict how our addon will interact with other third party addons you may have previously installed. If you’re having an issue with the addon, visit the Blender Sensei addons section of blenderforums.org by clicking here. Here you can ask for help, and create and vote on feature requests for all addons. This is not the place however to make bug reports. Continue reading for more info.

If you believe you’ve discovered a bug within the addon, make sure you can repeat it on an up-to-date, official, stable release of Blender downloaded from blender.org/download and without any 3rd party (user installed) addons active, before reporting the error. You can quickly disable all 3rd party addons you have installed by going to Edit > Preferences > Addons and change the top drop-down menu to say “User“. This will display all addons you’ve previously installed. Uncheck all of them except for the addon you’re having issues with then restart Blender. If the bug still occurs email support@blendersensei.com with the appropriate details.

Include a list of repeatable steps to reproduce the error as well as your operating system, Blender version info, and relevant computer specs (CPU, GPU, and ram etc.). Include full screenshots of Blender and the readout from the Info Editor or System Console window with error information. Be sure to also include other relevant information such as, does the issue only occur while a certain file is open or certain processes are running. If the error is specific to a certain Blender file you were working on, be sure to include that .blend file (or a similar file where you can get the error to repeat if sharing the actual file is not an option) in the email.

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