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Search Options

Power Refs makes finding reference material for your next big project easy by including an advanced search feature. Search multiple websites and search engines simultaneously for reference images right from inside Blender! Just enter the words you want to search and press the button! The addon will launch whatever default browser you use and fulfill your searching desires!

You can change the search options (including hiding the search bar all together) by accessing the Search Options menu in the Power Refs options menu located to the left of the dropdown that says “Load References”. You can choose to search up to four custom sites and one search engine at a time. If a value is provided for the Search Engine, the search term will be used along with additional searches for “my-search-term FRONT”, “my-search-term BACK” etc.

Additionally you can choose to have a certain word appended to your searches automatically (such as “orthographic” which is set by default). This can help you more quickly find reference material for all angles. Another example of a word you might use for this appended search term might be “anatomy”.

One of the default website searches supplied with Power Refs is drawingdatabase.com. It’s a great site with loads of blueprint schematics for things (including the Starship Enterprise!) However you can setup Power Refs to search any sites you want. Just pay attention to where the = sign is in the browser bar. You typically want to copy everything to the left of that including the = and place it into one of the four available slots in Power Refs search options menu.

You can also supply your own search engine parameter. Bing is used by default because it’s much less pissy than Google about launching multiple search tabs at once. The search engine parameter differs from the other four regular site searches in that it will automatically launch multiple searches for front, back, top, bottom, and side views of the searched for reference material.

By default the search term will run along with whatever word you tell Power Refs to append to your search. “Orthographic” is used by default, but you can change this value to anything you want in the preferences or remove it all together to reduce the total amount of tabs opened at once by Power Refs.

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