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Power Lattice 1.9

Power Lattice makes auto generating 3D and 2D lattices in Blender a breeze. The 2D lattice generation in Power Lattice is especially useful when dealing with grease pencil objects.

Create lattices with all the right modifiers and settings right from Blender’s regular “Shift-A” add menu. Lattice dimensions are set up perfectly for one or multiple objects.

Add lattices from Object and Edit Modes. Just make a selection and go. The auto-hook feature means lattices added from Edit Mode can be adjusted in Object Mode as well.

Add 2D lattices to GPencil objects from Object Mode or while editing. Power Lattice can auto generate layers from your selection and apply them to new lattices. This means you can keep drawing on the same layer and adjust it with the same lattice in the future.

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