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Power Node 1.2

Power Node is a Blender addon that makes it easier to work with materials, geometry nodes, and all of Blender’s node editors. It’s loaded with custom hotkeys and useful tools that can drastically speed up your node based workflow in Blender.

Power Node’s auto maintenance feature assists you automatically while developing your nodes. You can also toggle all auto maintenance features off with the click of a button.

Activate and deactivate true displacement for all objects that have a material. Power Node adds modifiers and adjusts settings automatically to make true displacement in Blender just work.

Instantly save node groups (Shader Editor, Geometry Nodes, Etc.) to a custom library without opening the Assets Browser! Use Blender 3.4 or higher to access library nodes from the search menu!

Double-click any node to preview it. Double-click anywhere off of it to return your node tree to exactly how it was before previewing. You can also double-click to exit node groups.

Power Node’s powerful toggle variant feature (V) makes it easy to quickly test multiple changes all over your material or node tree.

Alt-Left Click the left side of a node to swap or cycle links on the left side. Do the same thing on the right side when you want to swap or cycle links.

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