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Select: Click

Box Select: Click-drag (while not over object)

Transparency Box Select: Alt-click-drag (while not over object)

Lasso Select: Ctrl-click-drag (anywhere)

Transparency Lasso Select: Alt-ctrl-click-drag (anywhere)

Tweak: Click-drag (while over object/edit items)

Note that if Power Select “Smart” mode is on click-dragging items will select them first. If they are already selected they will then be tweaked (moved).

Edit Mode Toggle: Double-click (while over object)

Double-click again anywhere off of an object to exit Edit Mode.

Add/Subtract Selection: Shift-click

Shift-click-drag to add to selection if items not already selected. Already selected items will be deselected when shift-click-dragging over them. Note this behavior can be adjusted in Power Select’s options.

Double-Click Select Options


There are several different options in the Power Select tool options menu depending which Blender mode you’re in. The Double Click menu above displays while in Mesh Edit mode.

Linked: Double-clicking will select all flat linked mesh within the range of the angle specified to the right (15 in the picture). This is great for making selections surrounding hard surface modeling, blue prints, etc.

Loop: This causes double-clicking to perform a regular loop selection (the kind you normally hold Alt to get). This was added for people used to this behavior in other 3D software.

Fill: Double-clicking will fill select all contents within a completed circle of vertices, edges, or faces (similar to the fill brush in MS Paint or other software but with selected mesh).

Double-Click Instance Editing

An instance of the collection “Cube Stack”.

Power Select lets you treat collection instances almost as if they have their own edit mode. You can double-click collection instances to hide the instance and display the objects which compose the collection instance for quick editing. Double-clicking linked instances (such as those dropped in from the asset browser) will auto convert the instance into real editable objects if a corresponding collection is not already linked to the scene.

You can easily create a collection of selected objects in Power Select by clicking the “+” button in the Power Select options menu while in Object Mode (this is the same button that creates vertex groups while in Edit Mode). You can then create instances of those collections by pressing Shift-A to bring up the default Blender add menu and under the Instance Collections menu selecting the collection you want to instance.

After double-clicking a collection instance with Power Select!

After you’re finished editing the contents of a collection, you can double-click anywhere off of the collections (just like in mesh Edit Mode) to hide the original collection and return the display of the collection instance as though you just left its own personal Edit Mode!

Group Selection Options

Group (double-click to select) button appears if at least one vertex group is present on the object.

If an object possess at least one vertex group, the enable/disable vertex group selection button will appear next to the plus. This functionality helps keep the menu layout clean as well as provide an indicator that the object you are editing possess a group. This works for other group types such as bone groups as well. While this button is active, double-clicking on any member of the group will cause it to become selected. If disabled double-click group selection within the object will be ignored.

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