Power Select makes it easy to select, box-select, tweak, and much more without the use of additional hotkeys in Blender. It’s got other awesome features like transparency select, fill select, quick group creation, and more!

Power Lattice makes auto generating 3D and 2D lattices in Blender a breeze. The 2D lattice generation in Power Lattice is especially useful when dealing with grease pencil objects.

Power Refs makes loading entire sets of references a breeze. It also comes with a super powerful feature that allows you to search multiple websites at once for reference images.


Snappy Keys brings timeline and keyframe snapping similar to products like After Effects to Blender! Just hold Shift to snap the timeline to keyframes or keyframes to the timeline cursor or grid!


Power Node is a Blender addon that makes it easier to work with materials, geometry nodes, and all of Blender’s node editors. It’s loaded with custom hotkeys and useful tools that can drastically speed up your node based workflow in Blender.

Themer is a simple and powerful addon for Blender that makes creating and exporting custom Blender themes fun and easy. Go from taking hours to create a highly detailed theme to just minutes. Themer also comes with 4 free themes ready to go including Blender Is Magic, Knock Knock Neo, Shell of A Time, and Woodshop themes!


Save $45 when you purchase the Blender Addons Power Bundle and get six of the most clutch Blender Sensei addons to speed up, simplify, and reduce friction in your 3D workflow! Including Power Select, Power Node, Power Lattice, Power Refs, Themer, and Snappy Keys!


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