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Node Tools

Toggle Variant (V)

Sometimes subtle tweaks made to nodes are an improvement, sometimes it’s harder to tell. Power Node’s Toggle Variant feature solves this issue by allowing you to make changes to a node and quickly revert those changes back and forth. This becomes especially useful when comparing multiple mix-matched variants at a time. You can create a node variant by pressing V over a selected node. This stores the original node and creates a duplicate which can then be cycled back and forth by pressing V again as many times as you want.

You can press V again to toggle back to the original node and back again to the variant. You can delete the variant and press V again to create a different one or to return the original node’s label.

Join Nodes (J)

You can join (combine) any two nodes by selecting them and pressing J. Power Node’s Join feature automatically searches for the socket matches that make the most sense from the selected nodes. Additionally, Power Node knows when its best to use a Math Node or a Mix RGB node.

the right-side nodes are automatically repositioned to make room for the new node joining the two selected nodes. This works differently than Blender’s default repositioning operator in that it will not unnecessarily move nodes above or below when repositioning nodes to the right.

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