Snappy Keys

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Snappy Keys brings timeline and keyframe snapping similar to that found in modern web and video editing software to Blender! Just hold shift before releasing your mouse or hotkey to snap the timeline to keyframes or keyframes to the timeline cursor or grid! Snappy Keys is available for sale right here on the site at and also on Blender Market, Gumroad, and Artstation (just search for it by name).

Hold shift to snap the timeline to the nearest keyframe.

Hold shift to snap keyframes to the timeline cursor or grid.

Some Notes On Snappy Keys

Snappy Keys was mostly designed for the Timeline and Dopesheet editors. Timeline snapping works in the Graph Editor and Sequence Editors, but strips and points don’t snap to the timeline cursor. Blender’s default Shift functionality is best for those editors. Watch this video for tips on making Blender easier to use while animating.

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