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Node Library

The Save Nodes button will be grayed out until you give your group or node a custom name.
Instantly save a node or node group to a custom library once it’s been given a name (down arrow).

Instantly save any node group to a custom library or convert a single node into a node group and save that to a custom library at the press of a button! Just press the downward pointing arrow next to the node label to save. This marks the group as an asset and silently sends it to a special Nodes library within the user’s main assets library location. Note this option will be grayed out until a custom name for the node group or node is provided in the node label box.

Starting with Blender version 3.4 you can access any node group saved to a library via the Add Node search menu. Note that saved node group assets must have been saved with Blender version 3.4 or higher to show up in the search menu which means if you already have node group assets saved to a library and want them to show up in your search menu you need to open them up with Blender version 3.4 or higher and save them again.

Easily access the folder on your computer where node assets are saved to edit, delete, or share them with others once saved. You can use this menu to access saved node groups and share them via the Recipes button (featured in the top right of the above picture) on Blender Forums. The Recipes button links to an individual forum dedicated to whatever type of node editor you’re currently in. I.E. if you’re in the shader editor, clicking the Recipes button will take you to a dedicated shader editor node recipes forum.

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