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Version 1.2

NEW FEATURE: All value nodes within the active node tree given a name that begins with pn-value will now display in a list under the “Mapping” menu in Power Node menu. Note this the “pn-value” text must be added as a name (not a label). This way the pn-value tag does not need to be part of the visual label that appears.

FIX: Updated code for Blender 4.1.

FIX: The “Add Bump” option in preferences was activating even when “Auto Displacement” Maintenance feature was disabled.

CHANGE: The overall menu of Power Node has been made more streamlined by removing text labeled menus. This makes the valuable tools in Power Node more immediate, accessible, and exposed for beginners. The maintenance menu has been renamed “Auto”. The mapping menu has been renamed to “Map” and will display node mapping options for nodes that use them. Inputs and outputs have been removed as these are related to groups and cause more confusion than they reduce.

CHANGE: The Quick Inserts menu has been removed and combined with the Node Tools menu. The result of having too many menus for most people is that tools will often go unnoticed. This helps make it easier to know what’s available.

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