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Previous Logs


• Box-deselect was removed from Power Select 3.0 in favor of simpler hotkeys for accessing lasso and transparency lasso tools. Power Select 3.3 brings deselect functionality back with a button in the options menu to change your Shift box and Shift lasso selections to additive or subtractive selections. This also works while holding Shift and performing a transparency selections for box and lasso. Note this option is different from the Shift Drag Deselect option which controls whether Shift-Dragging over already selected items selects or deselects.

• The Double-Click to select vertex groups button is now hidden while in Mesh Edit mode if the active object does not possess any vertex groups. This button is not needed if there are not any vertex groups active and this helps tidy up the ui to make room for the additive/subtractive box and lasso select button. Having this hidden by default is also a nice way to be alerted if a selected mesh possess any vertex groups without having to have that section of the properties panel open.

• Improved “double-click to edit.” It is now much harder to accidentally double-click a wrong object when double-clicking to edit an object.

• Quick vertex group creation and selection has been extended to Lattice Edit Mode.

• Previously the radius slider would display for all drag modes (Drag, Smart, Tweak) while in Object Mode but not in other modes. Radius now displays all the time for all modes and drag modes except for Mesh Edit mode. Mesh Edit mode has the most options displayed in the front-end of the UI so the radius value only displays when Drag and Smart modes are active as adjusting the radius value is much more commonly needed for these modes. Note that while in Mesh Edit Face Selection mode, the Power Select option “Enhance Face Select” (which it is by default) that the radius value will be hidden no matter what drag setting since the purpose of this feature is to always set the radius to one and can not be adjusted while this option is active.

• The ability to disable Shift Drag Select was removed from the Power Select options menu to reduce general chonkiness of the addon. This option will now always be active. This was already a seldom used option and is less needed now that Ctrl+Left Mouse dragging can be used to perform lasso selections anywhere on or off the edited object.

• Fixed bug which could sometimes cause a crash if multiple objects were being edited at the same time near other objects.

• Fixed bug which could prevent outside selection if mouse drag began over object outside of edit mode.

• Fixed bug which caused Power Select not to function correctly if GPencil layers were locked.

• Fixed several bugs with GPencil Curve Edit Mode. This has been improved but is still a bit buggy in some areas. Save regularly when using this feature. This should improve with future versions as the GPencil API opens up.

• Fixed bug with armature bones which could sometimes cause error messages.


• Fixed bug that could cause crash when double-clicking on some object types without edit modes.

• Restored Ctrl-Click shortest path for mesh mode. Note that having Ctrl-Left Click dedicated to lasso select makes the functionality more fickle in some other modes and thus has been removed in favor of having quick and simple access to lasso select in these modes.

• You can now tweak multiple verts, edges, faces, and other relevant Edit Mode items in Edit Mode the same as you can move multiple objects with Power Select in Object Mode! This can be done in two different ways. With the Tweak option set to “Tweak” which performs more like default Blender behavior where selecting a non-previously selected item will immediately translate that item or by toggling the Tweak option to “Smart” mode.

• New Smart Tweak Mode. A new option in Power Select’s settings allows you to tweak even when tweak is disabled. This creates a type of hybrid workflow where you drag/circle select over verts, edges, faces, if those items are not already selected, if they are and you drag the cursor over them, those items will be tweaked together.

• You can now hold Shift when drag-selecting to both select and deselect! If an area has been previously selected, holding shift and dragging over it will deselect that area, if not the selection will be added to. This means it is no longer necessary to change to pressing Ctrl when drag-selecting when you want to deselect from an area. Ctrl drag now exclusively performs a lasso selection which may be performed on or off the object.

• Previously selecting around the edges of a mesh could be more difficult in Power Select than it was with default Blender selection methods. This has now been fixed and selecting around the edges of mesh now behaves entirely like default Blender selection methods. This also means that there is a slightly farther out boundary to begin box/lasso selection or to double-click out of Edit Mode.

• New Object Mode feature: Shift+Double-Click. Now you can Shift+Double-Click any member of a parent/child hierarchy and select all of its members while in object mode. If all members of the hierarchy are already selected, pressing this again on any of its members will then select all objects belonging to the selected object’s first collection. If an object is not part of a parent/child hierarchy, Shift+Double-Click will go straight to selecting all of its first collection’s members.

• Selection consistency and reaction speed has been improved for all modes.

• You can now shift-click the group creation (plus icon) to name your added vertex/bone/collection etc. group when adding it.

• The double-click group selection and quick creation menu has been extended to Object and Grease Pencil Edit Modes. This system of group creation creates groups from layers rather than vertex groups while in Grease Pencil Edit Mode as this better suits the standard grease pencil workflow. The same button creates collections while in Object Mode.

• Some menu items which made more since to be placed in the Double-Click section have been moved. Some menu items which are always available via the tool options menu in the 3D View have also been moved from the main addon menu to make things look nicer now that there are a few more options in general.

• Compatibility updates for Blender 3.2 have been added. This may require updating when the final version of Blender 3.2 is released.

• Fixed UV editor bug which could cause a crash when clicking when mesh objects with no mesh data were active.

• Fixed bug which could cause Blender to crash when using translations.

• Fixed bug which could cause menu to break if multiple mesh selection modes were active.

• Fixed bug which would cause selecting surface curve points to sometimes tweak while tweak was disabled.


• Holding Ctrl while drag (circle) selecting will now paint-deselect mesh, objects, uvs, and other items. Clicking Ctrl (instead of Ctrl-dragging) will create a selection of the shortest path from point to point.

• Holding Ctrl while drag box-selecting will now perform a subtractive box selection in all modes and also works with Power Select’s transparency select feature.

• Quick group creation and selection has been expanded to bones. You can now press the plus icon in the Power Select options menu to create bone groups whether in Armature Edit or Pose Mode.

• You can now double click bones in Armature Edit or Pose Modes to select the entire group of which the bones belong. Note that Power Select does not open Pose Mode directly, meaning that the default selection tool when switching to Pose mode is not Power Select. Be sure and click on the Power Select tool in the toolbar after switching to Pose mode to ensure Power Select is active when using this feature.

• The Fill Select feature now works better when in vertex and edge selection modes.

• Several issues regarding use of Power Select with tablets have been fixed.

• Fixed bug when pressing Ctrl in non mesh modes.

• Fixed bug which prevented deselecting objects when using tablets.

• Fixed bug which prevented the Fill Select feature from working with tablets.

• Fixed bug which sometimes effected Shift key functions when using tablets.


• Added new Double-Click drop down menu gives you choice of three options for what should happen when double clicking while in Mesh Edit mode. Setting this option to Linked Select will make double-clicking select linked-mesh at whatever angle you set the slider value. Loop Select will perform standard mesh loop selections. The new Fill Select feature will select all mesh within a user defined boundary similar to a fill-bucket on a paint tool.

• Added new “Fill Select” option located in the Double-Click dropdown menu. To use this feature create a boundary by selecting an area of mesh then double click inside of that area to select all of its contents.

• Add “quick vertex group creation” button. Combined with the new Fill Select feature, this makes quickly defining and creating vertex groups super easy with Power Select.

• Added a new setting (enabled by default) which will cause any mesh within a vertex group to become selected when double-clicking any of its members. This can be disabled in the addon preferences or by pressing the vertex group button in the tool settings display in the 3D View.

• Edge of mesh tweak selection has been improved.

• Modal operator was sometimes being launched unnecessarily when double-clicking. This has been fixed increasing performance and stability.

• In some instances, Power Select was not properly communicating to Blender when its operations were complete. Eval functions used at the end of some modal operations have been switched to exec functions. Using exec functions during modal operations allows the modal to properly complete.

• Double-click performance has been improved. Power Select was previously checking for mouse-over-object twice when double-clicking. Depending on the context, this can be an expensive operation since Blender does not currently expose its object selection API to Python. Power Select now only checks once since this is only needed once in the timespan of a double-click.

• Fixed bug which could interfere with mesh selections when using the mirror modifier.

• Thanks to an update to Blender, Power Select can now be used with Blender’s new Pose Library addon which is active by default and makes use of the new asset browser.


• The Power Select button is now always visible in the 3D View tool shelf. This has become necessary since grouping custom tools with Blender’s default selection tools (as was previously done with Power Select) now causes issues created by dependencies that Blender has added to its default tools on its default selection tool set with Blender 3.0. Ungrouping Power Select from Blender’s default selection tools should also help improve Power Select’s compatibility with other addons.

• Power Select now uses a custom icon that scales with the UI.

• You can now adjust the radius value in the tool options menu next to the tweak button and no longer have to open Power Select’s preferences to do so. This value becomes visible when the Tweak options are not active. Note that the radius value will also not display in the tool settings menu while in mesh face selection mode if the Power Select option “Enhance Face Select” is active, as this option always sets the radius value to 1 while in face selection mode.

• You can now adjust the angle at which linked selections occur when double clicking mesh. A value of 1 degrees will strictly only select linked mesh at exactly that angle. Dragging the value to 180 degrees will cause an entire loose piece of mesh within an object to be selected when double-clicking.

• Tweak button is now disabled in the UV Editor if “Ignore Tweak UV” option is enabled.

• Moved “Ignore Tweak Uv” Setting to Tweak menu settings in the addon preferences.

• NOTE: A bug in Blender 3.0 regarding the window manager can sometimes cause issues with Power Select (as well as other addons that use modal operators). The bug can prevent you from deselecting by clicking off into the 3D View and interferes with other operations as well. If this bug occurs, an error warning should now display in the top bar informing you to save your file and restart Blender to resolve the error. The bug has been reported and is responsible for affecting multiple areas of Blender. A work-around will be pursued until this issue is resolved with an official update from Blender.

• NOTE: There is currently an issue regarding Blender’s new pose library (found in the side bar under the Animation tab when Pose mode is active) preventing stored poses from being selected when Power Select is active if in Blender’s Preferences the “Interface -Editors – Region Overlap” option is active. This is due to an issue outlined here: https://developer.blender.org/T92364 Blender’s default selection methods can be used with the Pose Library thanks to internal coding not yet exposed to the Blender’s Python API. For now, to use the new Pose Library, you can disable Region Overlap in Blender’s preferences (which will prevent you from having see-through tool and UI shelves) or you can use a different selection method while in Pose Mode other than Power Select. Neither of these solutions are ideal, but will likely require an update from Blender before it can be resolved. Thankfully, this is being worked on as is mentioned in the bug report.


• Fixed bug that could cause crash if tweaking bone while armature mode in Rest Position.


• Fixed issues with selection in Object Mode when non-selectable objects are present.

• Accuracy of double-click to toggle Edit Mode has been improved.


• Several small bug fixes.


• Compatibility updates for Blender 3.0. Note Blender 3.0 is still under development and not yet stable.

• Fixed double click to select islands in UV Editor when not using sync selection.

• Fixed bug with armature edit selection when armature has been transformed in pose mode.

• Fixed several small bugs related to modifiers.


• Cleaned up code in some areas from testing.


• Fixed bug that could make it difficult to select objects within other objects when wireframe is active.


• Double click to edit now works more consistently even when surrounded by objects.

• Fixed issue that could occur when the “Show Cage” option was disabled on objects with modifiers.

• Box-selection context detection when editing high-poly mesh has been improved.

• Vertex and edge detection with overlapping objects (i.e. retopology) has been improved.


• There wasn’t previously well-defined behavior in Power Select if multiple mesh selection types were enabled while in Edit mode. Now, if more than one selection method (i.e. verts, edges, faces) is active, tweak will default to off and the tweak button will be grayed out. A bug has also been fixed causing sticky mouse issues if more than one mesh selection method was active.

• Fixed bug which caused transparency to stay on if releasing Alt key before mouse key when using transparency select feature.


• Fixed bug causing lattice points to sometimes not to be selectable when clicking on an area overlapping an object within the lattice.

• Double-clicking objects while in Grease Pencil Edit Mode now link-selects to be consistent with other edit modes.


• Power Select is now compatible with both Blender’s default keymap as well as its Industry Compatible Keymap. This means Power Select now works for alt-navigation users. Alt-navigation and Industry Compatible Keymap users can activate this mode in Power Select’s options menu. Use Alt-Shift when click-dragging with your mouse to use Power Select’s transparency select feature when this option is enabled.

• Double-clicking an object while in Mesh Edit mode now selects all flat angled connected mesh items regardless of which mesh selection mode you’re using (not just faces).

• There is now an option in Power Select’s options menu to set double-clicking items while in Edit Mode to loop select (for Industry Compatible Keymap) rather than selecting linked flat.

• The click-drag issue which would sometimes cause objects not to move immediately when click-dragging on them in Object mode has been fixed. This was previously most notable when switching between different object types.

• Power Select now works with text objects. This makes it easy to quickly double-click a text object to edit its contents and then quickly double-click out to Object mode as with any other object type via Power Select’s double-click Edit Mode toggle feature.


• Fixed issue related to some installs of Linux.


• Add-on can now be installed in local Blender scripts folder (better support for using the add-on in portable installs of Blender). Installing add-ons via the default Blender method using the preferences window is still recommended.


• Updates for compatibility with Blender 2.93.


• Individual tweak settings for mesh selection types are now respected while in the UV Editor as well as the 3D View.

• New Option “Ignore Tweak Uv”. This option will cause Power Select to ignore individual tweak settings for mesh selection mode while in the UV Editor in favor of always drag (circle) selecting.


• New option “Always On” in the addon preferences ensures Power Select is always the active selection method when double-clicking an object to edit it.

• Improved usability for Alt-nav users. Alt navigation users can now use Power Select while in Object Mode without any interference when Power Select is active. Alt-nav users may still have keymap conflicts when using Power Select in Edit modes, however.

• Fixed bug related to double-clicking on collection instances when double-click to toggle edit mode is active.


• Power Select now has a custom menu that displays wherever active tool shelf tool options display.

• There is now a PS button that appears in the active tool menu when Power Select is active which opens up Power Select’s addon preferences.

• A new button “Tweak” now appears next to the PS add-on preferences button. If Tweak is not pushed in, the default selection method when touching an object will be to drag (circle) select. The Tweak state is remembered per object mode. This includes individual Tweak settings for vertices, edges and faces when in Mesh Edit mode. Be sure to save your preferences to keep your selection choices if autosave is disabled in Blender’s preferences.

• The option to disable tweak while in object mode in the addon preferences have been removed for consistency with the new individual tweak mode selection system.


• BUGFIX: Fixed Issue with deactivating addon.

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