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I started uploading the new video tutorial series when it finally really sank in, most of the video and sound quality of my tutorials are, by today’s standards, not great. So I’ve invested in upgrading both fields. The new Blender Crash course videos will be filmed at deliciously high frame rates and very smooth playback. […]

Because I Choose To 2.72

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Hello friends. Blender 2.72 release candidates are now available at blender.org/download. There are a lot of huge upgrades and changes in this version that I’ve had to change a lot of things for Sensei Format. The current version of Sensei Format and Zero Brush are not yet compatible with this latest release. Sensei Format and […]

Theme Update

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Ok, so I’ve tweaked the Blender Sensei Format 3 color scheme just a little. These changes will not affect the functionality of Sensei format 3 or the ability to follow any of the tutorials. They will however increase contrast and clarity in the 3D viewport. To install this theme: 1. Download the filesensei_theme_update_10_21_2013.zip 2. Extract […]

Why Are You Doing This?

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Blender rules. Thousands of contributors around the world have worked for decades to make this software what it is. The possible applications for Blender are endless, and therein lies my core reason for doing this. I just decided there was too much that slowed down using and teaching Blender for the individual/small group users. Sensei […]