Because I Choose To 2.72

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Hello friends. Blender 2.72 release candidates are now available at There are a lot of huge upgrades and changes in this version that I’ve had to change a lot of things for Sensei Format. The current version of Sensei Format and Zero Brush are not yet compatible with this latest release. Sensei Format and the new release of Zero Brush are going to take advantage of these new upgrades in incredible ways and are nearly finished in completion. Please bear with me as I cyclone to finish the updates and documentation. -Sensei

ZB Particle Edit Mode Options

April 26, 2016 . by Sensei
The Zero Brush Particle Edit Mode has had a complete...

DuckDuckGo Is Cool!

October 2, 2013 . by Sensei
Looking on my dashboard today noticing that almost half of...

Updated The Main Playlist

October 19, 2013 . by Sensei
I’ve taken advantage of a Youtube playlist feature I discovered...


  1. Thanks everyone. The new Sensei Format and Zero Brush will be ready within the next couple of weeks or so. Sorry it’s taking so long, but much has been done.

  2. Sounds great, I love to see more and more ways people can take this amazing peice of free software, and make it even more user-friendly. Honestly, I think within the next year Autodesk will have some real competition coming from the Open-Source crowd. Thankfully the other side of things covered by Adobe is now a cheap subscription that almost anyone can afford (9.99 a month for photo package: photoshop/lightroom)!

  3. Sorry. I realize this is taking way longer than I initially planned. It should be completed by the end of next week. I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but the answers are coming Neo.

  4. end of next week that was almost 2 weeks ago? wow dude guess you will never have it ready at this point?