Blender 2.73 Wow.

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So it looks like Blender 2.73 is on its way with release candidates available at Once again I apologize for the long wait between releases of Sensei Format and Zero Brush. This new version has some incredible new features such as a massive update to the grease pencil tool which will probably end up revolutionizing animation in general, at the very least, open source 2D animation. Check the amazing video out at the bottom. As far as core features, there aren’t to many changes so this shouldn’t be to much of a hindrance to getting the next SF and Zero Brush out. I know the wait has been long and painful but bare with me a little longer. I’m now aiming development for release with Blender 2.73 (this should not add a longer wait at all, just letting you know).

I guess I’m slowly coming to terms with the fact that I can’t at all predict the future. The problem is, there’s no way for me to calculate the added amount of time that each new breakthrough is going to add. In other words, when ever I make a new tool, it often becomes apparent to me what new avenues and problems can now be solved in other areas of Blender with the new tools. And then this chain of events tends to stack up on itself. Listening to several lectures from John Carmack (creator of Doom), I’m guessing he knows what I mean. Bizarre how innovation can sometimes slow down the release of a project instead of speed it up. All the updates are coming soon. Amazing things are coming soon. Look for their release sometime after the official release of 2.73. The holidays have cut in a smidge into development time, but I’m back at it full steam. That’s all I can say for now.

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  1. Looks very cool!! Thanks for the heads up. Haven’t been keeping up with blender dev. lately. Haven’t really done much of anything lately. Had a electrical malfunction at the house, which put us out of power for 4 days…loss of momentum coupled with the flu and a little case of the holiday blues…Been hoping for something new to inspire me and get me back in the drivers seat again. Maybe this is it…Thanks again. Headed to to check it out!! Still super hyped and anxious for the new SF. Hope to start the new year, with some new inspiration and bad-ass tools to work with. Happy Holidays my friend. Keep up the good work.

  2. I have found your Blender enhancements to be excellent. Thank you! I’m looking forward to the new version, and Blender getting even better because of it.

  3. Love Zero Brush and the After Effects style keyframing in Sensei Format. Thanks for all your efforts!!! Looking forward to the next release whenever it happens.

  4. I’m a Cinema 4D user who has attempted to use Blender many times only to give up because of the clunky feel of it – mostly due to Blender short cuts and its text based interface (I’m one of those who believes a user should never have to touch a keyboard), however when I saw your Zero Paint demo I was quite impressed as it has the feel of a very streamlined version of Maxon’s Bodypaint. Zero paint looks quite remarkable in that respect. I see things like this and think Blender may finally move in the right direction of usability with simplicity.