Object From Selection

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The “Object From Selection” tool which can be used by pressing “Shift-F” or pressing the “Duplicate” button in the builder tool menu located in the Tool Shelf of the 3D View (press T), got a big upgrade. Rather than simply creating a new object from the default object’s mesh, it now works with the sub-surf or multi-res modifiers you have applied to your object to better try to conform the new mesh to the shape of the object from which it was created.

If you wish to temporarily disable this new effect, turn off the modifier you are using’s viewport display by pressing the modifier’s “Eye” icon to hide its effect, before pressing “Duplicate” or Shift-D. Here’s an example without the new effect and then with it. Notice the contour hugging the mask does to the little robot guy thing. This is an awesome tool for quickly creating assets to your 3D creations. Be sure to download the latest version of Sensei Format here: blendersensei.com/store#senseiformat


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