Submitting An Article

If you have a project, service, event or other info related to Blender, we’d like to hear about it. If your article is commercial in nature (something you’re selling) then we will consider posting your article for a donation(donations can be made here).

Email with some text and images you plan on using, so we can tell you whether or not you can post. If approved, we will post your article on our site. Article content is subject to the terms of our privacy policy and donations are not refundable. Requests made more than a week after a donation will not be considered.

Things you can include in your article:

• Promotion of a new game, film, vr experience, etc…
• Info on new 3D/animation/art related services or events.
• Any Blender related 3D printing or hobbyist stuff.
• Anything related to Blender or 3D or animation stuff…

Things you can’t include in your article:

• Copyrighted or trademarked property not belonging to you.
• Illegally downloaded, or illegally linked software.
• Links to virus/spammy sites like mediafire.