Make It Easier To Select Things In Blender

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Power Select combines Blender’s Box Select and Tweak Selection modes. It also has other awesome features like double click an object to toggle edit mode, auto enable cage-edit for modifiers, transparency select, and much more! You can get it now in the store

Tweak, box select, and move multiple objects with just your mouse.

Double-click to edit any object type, including text.

New to Power Select 2.9 Fill Select! Just double-click to fill in an area!

More ways to use the new Fill Select feature!

Select any existing vertex group of an object by double-clicking any member of that group. Create new groups by pressing the + icon in Power Select’s tool options.

Never have to manually enter wireframe or enable transparency just to make a selection again. Just hold Alt while dragging the mouse to enable transparency select.

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