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What kind of licenses do you use?

Most of the products at fall under one of two categories, assets or addons. Addons usually contain a script (or multiple scripts) written for Blender. In some cases, assets may also contain scripts. All products sold at however, contain assets in some form or another. In compliance with the Blender Foundation, all Blender API reliant Python (.py) script files contained within our addons are licensed under the GNU GPL. This does not include any non Python (.py) assets which may be integrated with our addons, assets and products such as image, film, .obj, .lib, .blend or other file types, or script files (including some custom Python scripts not reliant upon the Blender API), those of which we maintain licensing rights over (see Blender Sensei Assets License for more info). Our products and scripts (whether GNU GPL or Blender Sensei Assets Licensed) are not public domain and as such, are subject to our own copyright notices which no one may remove, edit or claim ownership of as afforded in both our personal copyright notices, licensing policies and the GNU GPL (see Blender Foundation FAQ page).

When we say “assets” we mean any single, collection of (or included with) digital images, film, .obj, .lib, .blend or other file types or scripts (including Python (.py) scripts not reliant upon Blender API) and files whether sold in packs or distributed with addons, which can be used to enhance Blender, and in some cases, other 3D and design software, or as secondary assets for use in film, animation, game, or other creative derivative artworks.

What’s your licensing policy in a nutshell?

We make things to help you make things faster, easier, and have more fun while doing so. We want you to get maximum use out of our products, create with them, and modify them in any way you see fit to accomplish any personal or commercial goal you have with the exception of reselling or redistributing our assets. This does not mean you can’t use assets you’ve purchased (or free download items) to help create commercial (for sale) games, films or other projects. For instance, using a grass texture for a ground object in a game is totally fine, or using an environment image in a commercial film (even without modification) is cool. And definitely using any software from this website (whether purchased or free download) to help model, animate, build or otherwise create anything you can imagine for any purpose you have, including to sell (with the exception of reselling or redistributing our assets) is encouraged. See the “Blender Sensei Assets License” for more on asset usage.

When should I purchase multiple licenses?

Products purchased for a single individual’s use may be installed on as many devices as owned by that individual with a single license. If you are purchasing a product for use by multiple people (for instance in a studio, educational or professional environment) individual licenses should be purchased for each person (or single person work station) who is to use the product. Increasing license quantity can be easily accomplished anywhere you see an “Add To Cart” button by clicking the arrows next to the number above the “Add To Cart” button or by clicking the number and manually typing in how many licenses you need to purchase for a product. License quantity can also be adjusted at the checkout page.

How do indie and pro licenses differ?

We offer pro licensing which allows you to purchase a product once, and then receive free updates (no monthly or yearly recurring charges) to that product for as long as it’s being sold on our site (terms and restrictions apply). In addition to receiving product update emails, you’ll also have a link in your account which takes you directly to your downloads page allowing you to download the latest version of any of your purchases whenever you need them. Updates help ensure your products continue to work (and take advantage of) the latest versions of Blender and API changes. Updates also occasionally mean UI evolution and new features at no extra cost.

Indie licenses are purchases which do not include free updates. You will however, receive the most recent version of the product you’re purchasing at the time of your purchase, but you will not have access to product updates for that purchase, nor will you have access in your site account to re-download any product purchased under an Indie License type. Indie license purchasers may occasionally receive update emails informing them of updates to purchased products, but will not have access to the updates unless a pro-license is purchased. Anyone who prefers to not receive product update emails may unsubscribe from them at any time.

How often are updates released?

The amount of updates varies for each product depending on a number of variables; release date, bug fixes, tweaks, enhancements etc… Click the “Resources” menu above and select “Update Logs” to view all product update logs. Please note that we make no guarantee as to the release date or frequency of product updates, but we remain highly motivated to do so because a. we’ve got to keep these products working with the most stable, official releases of Blender to be able to sell them and b. we use them daily and are stoked to make them better for ourselves as well.

Product Licensing

Blender Sensei Assets License

• Blender API Scripts License (GPL)

• Blender Foundation Legal FAQ

Intellectual Property Notice

All products sold on this site are the sole property of and are solely distributed by (all rights reserved). Violation of product licensing as well as the terms laid out in this site’s privacy policy may result in the loss of product updates which ensure purchases stay up to date (and take advantage of) the latest versions and API changes to Blender. Violation of terms may also result in deleted accounts, site banning, and content removal. We also reserve the right to pursue legal action if necessary.
Incorporated, LLC, and other structured entities must purchase individual licenses for each device products are to be installed on or for each user who will be using the products. Individuals purchasing for personal use may install products on multiple devices if personally owned. You can increase the amount of licenses you need to purchase by adjusting the values above the “Add To Cart” buttons or at the checkout page. For more info please email