What kind of licenses do you use?

Most products at fall under one of two categories, assets or addons. Addons usually contain a script (or multiple scripts) written for Blender. Assets may pertain to 3D models, environments, graphics, images, custom stand-alone code libraries, or other copyrighted or trademarked content integrated into our products. All products sold at contain assets in some form or another and thus fall under the terms and conditions of our custom licensing. We maintain custom licensing rights over all of the assets shipped with our products which you may review here (EULA). Our products are subject to our own copyright notices and trademarks which no one may remove, edit, or claim ownership of.

When should I purchase multiple licenses?

Individual creators should never worry about purchasing multiple licenses for any reason. Your work is always your work, and you are free to sell it or use it in any way you see fit forever. When we say “multiple licenses” this is in regards to people purchasing our products on behalf of others. If you are purchasing a software product for use by multiple people (for instance in a studio, educational, or professional environment) individual licenses should be purchased for each person (or single person workstation) who is to use the product. Increasing license quantities can be easily accomplished anywhere you see an “Add To Cart” button. License quantities can also be adjusted at the checkout page.

How do Indie and Pro licenses differ?

We offer Pro Licensing which allows you to receive free updates (no monthly or yearly recurring charges) to that product for as long as it’s being sold on our site. As soon as an update is available you’ll be able to download the latest version from your account. Indie licenses purchasers receive the most recent version of the product they’re purchasing but will not have access to product updates in the future. You can upgrade your Indie License to a Pro License (at half the cost of a regular Pro License) any time by logging into your account and clicking the “My Purchases” link.

Royalty free licensing.

All products and services offered on this site are done so royalty free. This means you will never be charged licensing fees for using any of our products or services ever on anything you create and sell.

We love content creators!

Our most sincere hope is that our free and paid products further empower and spread the usage of Blender on the planet. You are free to create videos, tutorials, or training courses while using our products. If you do so, let us know and we may be able to create special discounts or other perks for your viewers!