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Alchemy is much more than a material collection for Blender (though it ships with 75 original Cycles materials). Alchemy is a full featured material library addon that gives you the ability to create, save and paint with particle, effect materials (like fire and smoke), and more. Alchemy User Manual


In addition to powerful management features like syphon and reality pallets, Alchemy brings new material types to Blender “Particle Materials” and “Alchemy Effect Materials”.


Paint with particle materials like grass, weeds, rain & Alchemy Effect materials like Fog, Fire, Smoke & Raise AE. No setup, just joy. Once finished, you’re presented with immediately renderable results.


Alchemy not only comes with special particle and effect materials it also easily allows you to create and save your own. Particle materials can house multiple particle systems, materials, objects, groups and assets within a single material.


Paint or blend with any two Blender Render or Cycles materials at the press of a button. “Material Painting” in Alchemy means painting with the actual properties of each material. So painting a glass material onto metal makes the areas where the glass is painted actually look like glass.

Stopping there would be the sane thing to do, that's why Alchemy also lets you paint instantly with particle materials like grass, rain, and burning embers, and effect materials like smoke and fire!


“Raise AE” (Alchemy Effect) materials automatically adjust settings and generate required assets to activate Blender’s new “True Displacement” and “Adaptive Subdivision” features for Cycles when used or painted with.

You can create your own Raise AE materials (the same as any Alchemy Effect material type) by including the name of the effect at the end of your custom material’s name before saving it to a library in Alchemy. For instance “My Material Raise AE”.


Alchemy comes with 75 custom Cycles materials including 9 particle materials, 7 Raise AE, and 3 additional Alchemy Effect Material types. Add 75 more by downloading the free pack below.

Open Source Material Pack
(includes 50 BR & 25 Cycles Materials)
NOTE: The Opensource pack contains no addon and none of the materials featured on this page. purchase Alchemy for these materials and the full Alchemy Base Pack.


Alchemy User Manual

What's the difference between Alchemy material painting and Zero Brush?

In addition to making sculpting, baking, and particle hair brushing more fun and awesome, Zero Brush focuses on the creation and painting of image based texture layers like diffuse, gloss, alpha, bump maps etc... (things that are usually all housed within a single material/shader).

Alchemy material painting allows you to mix or paint with two entire materials (including their effects and particles if present). This is very powerful, but it's no replacement for Zero Brush texture painting and layer management for individual image textures which compose the materials.

Think of it as Zero Brush handles planetary scale tasks while Alchemy handles galactic scale tasks. They can work together to do super cool things very quickly.

Can Alchemy be used with Zero Brush?

Yes, in many ways. Because Zero Brush can paint any layer type (such as transparent, bump, emit, diffuse etc...) directly onto any existing BR or Cycles material no matter how complex or what it's composed of (with zero uv mapping or setup), this makes it an ideal companion to Alchemy.

Zero Brush's material baking options is another awesome way to leverage the power of Alchemy. Procedurally generated materials from an Alchemy library can be easily baked with one button (zero setup) from Zero Brush as well as objects that have been material painted with Alchemy.

This makes converting procedurally generated material goodness, into baked image maps which can be more easily edited by artists or exported for use in other software or for video games a breeze when using both addons with Blender.

Will there be support for the new EEVEE render engine and other 2.8 features?

Support for EEVEE and other core Blender 2.8 features is planned for Alchemy as well as all other addons available at blendersensei.com though no release dates are available at this time. All blendersensei.com addons are created to work with the most recent, stable, official releases of Blender and should not be expected to work with unofficial, or test builds of Blender software.

Where can I learn more?

For more cool Alchemy magic, CLICK HERE to view the Alchemy playlist. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe while you're there. There is also a dedicated forum to Alchemy here on the site, check it out by clicking this link: blendersensei.com/forums/alchemy.

For business inquiries or other questions please email support@blendersensei.com and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.

Is the Alchemy Base Pack easy to use?

Yes. Very easy. The entire pack of 75 (Cycles based) materials in the Alchemy base pack are all procedural. This means they require zero UV mapping to use. Just drop them on anything.

Getting great rendering results is always going to require decent lighting (check out the Drag & Drop Environments addon at the store page for more on that) and some tweaking to your materials and objects.

Grab the Alchemy Manual PDF above to learn how to achieve stellar results. If you're new to Blender, get started with the free Blender Crash Course series here on the site. The more general knowledge you possess, the more of a wizard you shall be.

What material types are supported?

Alchemy has many powerful features. To ensure these features work consistently, most of its functionality was designed around handling Blender Render and Cycles Render materials, however its core functionality of being a material library is usable for most material types which can be stored in Blender.

More advanced features like material painting which require more specific coding instructions may not always produce expected results when using material types beyond Blender's default render engines (Blender Render or Cycles). If you're curious about a specific material type, or are developing for new render engines and would like to send samples to be tested with Alchemy before purchasing, feel free. We will check them and let you know if they work with Alchemy (or consider updating the software to accommodate them).

How do I keep Alchemy updated?

If you've purchased a Pro License for Alchemy, then you'll receive update notifications via email the moment they are available at blendersensei.com. Updating Alchemy can be easily accomplished with a couple of clicks right from Alchemy's options menu. Updating Alchemy via the options menu ensures only the core code components (and potentially new free library additions) are added and updated, leaving your personal stored library assets untouched.

How does the material painting work?

Alchemy allows you to paint with any two materials of the same render engine (currently Blender Render or Cycles). This includes special Alchemy effect materials like smoke and fire (yes, you can instantly paint fire onto anything) as well as Alchemy particle materials.

The current system is limited to painting (or blending) two materials on a single object (excluding particle materials, you can add as many additional particle materials as desired and at least one Alchemy Effect material on top of the painted particle material layers and any two regular materials you may be painting with).

Material painting is dependant upon the object you're painting's vertex count. This means the higher the vertex count on an object, the more control you'll have over where the painted material displays.