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Zero Brush

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Zero Brush has been featured on Blendernation.com, Evermotion.org and dozens of other websites. Zero Brush transforms Blender into a powerhouse production studio taking the grunt work out of painting, sculpting, baking and more.

CLICK HERE for more videos on Zero Brush. Download the Zero Brush Manual.

Zero Brush (features)

• Zero setup to paint or sculpt in Cycles or BR
• Auto convert imported assets to be Cycles paintable
• Auto convert between Cycles and Blender Render
• Seams recognition and auto UV creation
• Easy layer management (position, hide, delete layers)
• Smart layers that produce expected results
• Easy one button texture brush/brushes loading
• Save to folder, export and reload layers options
• Quick Lights (instant light rig for Cycles when needed)
• Enhanced layout and brush performance
• Instant normal mapping (from multires or object-to-object)
• Merge any number of bump/normal maps to a single map
• Zero setup baking for all BR & Cycles bake operations
• Bake To Individual maps & materials or single
• Bake multiple Cycles or BR materials of any type all at once
• Instantly bake uv mapped (or non-mapped) objects
• Brush Hardness (like Photoshop) slider
• Brush loading options such as decal or stencil
• “New Merged Layer” Make new layer from selected layers
• “Distraction Free Mode” paint with no distractions
• “Precise Paint Mode” Accuracy for brush and stencils

Paint & Sculpt instantly

Zero Brush takes care of the grunt work when painting, sculpting & baking in Blender. Instantly switch between Cycles or Blender Render for the ultimate image map painting & baking workflow.

Simple To Install And Use

Zero Brush is simple to install. Checkout the manual below and the feature demonstration playlist at the top of the page.

Brilliant UI & Design

Position, delete and add layers all from the 3D view. Press space for the brush selection menu. Load one or folders of images as decal, stencil and other brush types. Tons of simple intuitive enhancements including a “brush hardness” slider.

One Button Baking

Bake materials & normal maps (with or without uv mapping first) and more using either Blender Render or Cycles at the press of a button. The resulting bakes are instantly added as regular ZB layers and can be positioned, merged and blended like any regular layer.

Stay Updated

Zero Brush has been updated more than 30 times since its creation. Pro license customers receive updates the instant they’re available ensuring Zero Brush is always working and taking advantage of the latest tools and Blender API changes.