Why Are You Doing This?

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Blender rules. Thousands of contributors around the world have worked for decades to make this software what it is. The possible applications for Blender are endless, and therein lies my core reason for doing this. I just decided there was too much that slowed down using and teaching Blender for the individual/small group users. Sensei Format is theming, customizations, reconfigured hotkeys, additional addons and hundreds of tweaks made to the default Blender settings; physics, tool presets and functionality, brushes, ambient and world settings, lights, etc. The user gets all these benefits by installing a single addon. Click here to download the Senesi Format user manual to learn more about it.

Sensei Format works for any operating system with Blender installed and is explained step by step in the video documentation. In the future I hope to have a single button install for all operating systems. I’ve got a lot more videos explaining a bunch of stuff that’s already there coming soon. For more information on the current limitations and future plans for Sensei format please see the forum entry community build.

My main concern is encouraging people coming into Blender from becoming so overwhelmed they give it up. I think, as it stands you need to be a technical and creative genius to do something cool with Blender, I’d like to reduce that prerequisite to just creative genius.

How to uninstall Sensei Format

August 2, 2017 . by Sensei
File > Sensei Format > Full Uninstall (or press Deactivate...

Updating To Lettered Versions of Blender (2.78c)

March 8, 2017 . by Sensei
Just a reminder to Sensei Format users that you can...


  1. As a Blender user who hates unnecessary clutter and complication – along with an endless presentation of options – (most of which I will never, ever use) – and as an artist who simply wants to materialize his internal vision of whatever it is – Sensei Format and Zero Brush are a long awaited set of “Artist Rescue Tools”. Thank you, (whomever you are – can’t find your name), for your selfless effort and heroic intervention on my behalf.

    Greg Smith