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I started uploading the new video tutorial series when it finally really sank in, most of the video and sound quality of my tutorials are, by today’s standards, not great. So I’ve invested in upgrading both fields. The new Blender Crash course videos will be filmed at deliciously high frame rates and very smooth playback. I’ve also acquired some new audio recording technology that will drastically improve the sound quality of my videos. This is also good because I’ve received multiple requests to provide hard copy versions of my tutorials for educational institutions and people with limited internet connection. I’ve spent a very long time evolving Sensei Format to a place where I could create a single cohesive series which uses the same version of the program throughout all the videos.

This often doesn’t happen because while creating the videos I’ll realize something that could be improved and thus end up altering the layout. While I’ll continue to evolve Sensei Format, it has reached a fundamental stage in its design where a full series is ready to be made. While I do sell some assets and addons, the video series and Sensei Format I will always strive to keep free. Nor do I want the pay addons (most Sensei Format addons are free) to prohibit what the free user can do, so I’ll make sure in the series that anything you can do with my addons, you understand first, how to do without them. And then later if you’re at a place where you can purchase them, you’re then able to drastically speed up your workflow with the addons.

Sensei Format has an awesome new feature to be released soon which allows you to customize the 3D View window right in the display menu of the properties shelf. It’s UI is simple, elegant, efficient and allows you to change the selection color of all mesh, objects, transformation etc… in one fell swoop. It also lets you quickly adjust the background gradient as well as grid color. This is perfect for people who don’t need to go overboard with themeing but just want to make a few quick tweaks on the go. You can also save your settings right in the same menu so no need to ever open up User Preferences and hunt for anything.

Zero Brush is getting an update I’m very excited about, I can’t tell you everything it will accomplish just yet because I’m not sure yet, at the very least it will allow you to convert all bump maps (including bump values used with your regular color layers) into a single normal map. This is especially helpful for people creating game assets or who use applications which don’t support bump maps (height maps) or are looking to conserve some resources.

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