Updated The Main Playlist

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I’ve taken advantage of a Youtube playlist feature I discovered today by removing the intro and outros of the videos on the playlist “Learn 3D Animation In A Day!” This has reduced the amount of total time in that series by almost 30 minutes. If someone is already invested in watching the playlist, then they shouldn’t have to watch the same intro and outro over and over.

Individually these videos will still play from beginning to end which is great for my propaganda spreading and brain washing needs. More videos are coming soon and I expect to be completely done with the initial Sensei Format 3 training series “Learn 3D Animation In A Day!” within a few weeks and on to much cooler projects and requests from all my awesome Blender pals. I’ll definitely instigate this practice for any new series I create. Now if only Hulu could get on the train for all my anime binging needs!

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  1. I have to admit,I stopped using Blender since they change the UI,but your looks like really easy and fun to learn Blender again.not to mention your easy to follow tutorials.I think I’ll enjoy Blender now…..I bow to you Sensei.oss!