This Is Not The End (Bug Fixes And Updates)

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Thanks to everyone who’s stuck around and joined up for this journey. I have only four videos left to do in this series which will total 45 in number. They are altogether less than 7 hours in length which means my claim that someone could go from knowing jack zilch about 3D modeling or Blender and reach the level of intermediate user within one day remains entirely founded. Granted one might absorb this much information better over the course of a week but if one was so inclined she could hunker down with several liters of her preferred caffeine ingestion methods and come out a brazen Blender bad ass.

So here’s to the now over 3k subs and to the 14 year old me from the late 90’s spending years muddling through pirated versions of 3DS Max wishing to god he knew what the hell a modifier stack was and kind of feeling grose for having to be labeled a thief for “stealing” something that should be free to mankind, who only cared about bringing to life his bad ass dreams and visions fueled by Marvel Saturday morning cartoons and ultra violent space pirate ship anime on the Sci-Fi channel laced with pop tarts and Dr.Pepper. Thanks Everyone.


• Enabling VBOs (Under “System Tab” of User Preferences) was causing occasional bug when using nodes for depth of field effects. Enabling VBOs can be beneficial for those with top of the line graphics cards though. Just know that there might be some issues if you enable it and are using nodes. It is now disabled by default under Sensei Format 3.

• Fixed “Stars” in the World Settings tab of the properties panel. As simply as I can explain this, the camera construct from earlier versions of Blender saved in the default Sensei Format 3 starter file was causing Blender to crash every time the stars option (under the mist option in the World Tab settings) was checkmarked. It now all works legitly.

• Fixed little graphical bug that would pop up in the dopesheet timeline area at the bottom of the screen every time you started Blender with Sensei Format 3. Couldn’t for the life of me get rid of it for the past year. Finally gone.

• Discovered that the draw method of “overlap flip” (which you can change under the “system” tab of the user preferences) causes any drag and drop feature of Blender (textures, parenting or otherwise) to be fucked up.

• Did a little bit of polishing of the color scheme for things like scroll bars. Mostly increasing contrast and gradients just very slightly to increase visibility.


INSTRUCTIONS FOR UPDATING SENSEI FORMAT 3: Just open her up. Unzip. Then unzip the “sensei3” file and copy and paste the “config” and “scripts” folders over the old ones in your Blender App data settings folder. If you need to brush up on where that’s located check out the pdf documentation that it comes with or see the first video in the Sensei Format 3 training series “Learn 3D Animation In A Day” located on the front page of this site or at Once again I apologize for the inconvenience but thus is the process of tempering steel. THANKS! Also go check out the manga “All you need is Kill” it’s freaking amazing. It’s what the new sci-fi, Tom Cruise movie “Edge of Tomorrow” is based off of and it’s helluva.

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