The Blender Sensei website is now fully operational!

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I’ve fixed tons of bugs and cross browser compatibility issues, created a new comment and forum system from scratch not to mention an entire user login and profile system.

The new forum system is about ten times more legit than my first go at it and I’ve added a bunch of new forum topics as well. Anyone can post new topics or replies in the forum without an account but you’re much cooler if you sign up for an account so you can upload your own avatar. So sign up for an account at the top of the page near the login button today!

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  1. Love the layout and color scheme! great job and keep it up. Also first comment on site WOOT!!! lol sorry i had to.

  2. lol 1 pal. i posted both. just downloaded you plugin. I look forwards to using it but it will have to wait till tomorrow.