Super Awesome Linux/Ubuntu One Button Install!

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Thanks to EvilKillerFiggin once again, for making an amazing script which does the job of downloading Blender, Sensei Format 3 and installing it all in one go for Linux/Ubuntu users! That’s incredible. The next logical step would be to get this figured out for Windows and Mac OS, compile it with an icon into a .exe and possibly create some kind of branch code within the .exe that asks which operating system am I on once someone has downloaded and clicked it.

I would like to implement all this jazz for Sensei Format 4 but that is quite a ways away so there’s plenty of time. Meanwhile I have been continuing to evolve some aesthetic aspects of Sensei Format which will be visible in the next set of youtube videos in the training series. Anyway if you use Ubuntu and would like to try the one button install you can click the link below to download it. I’m not sure how this script will play out if you already have Blender installed also, so take proper precautions or just take a look at the script yourself before executing it. Also see the original post in the Community Build forum page. THANKS!

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