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So I’ve been having to update Sensei Format a lot lately, which if you have auto-update turned on, might get a little annoying over the past few weeks. So here’s what’s going on. I’m currently trying to update and complete the Blender Sensei Crash Course, but everytime I start recording a new tutorial I realize how many tasks can be compiled, simplified or made easier so I start tweaking Sensei Format to automate a bunch of things that need automating. This results in a more powerful, efficient Blender but consequently, more Sensei Format updates. Also with the addition of new features comes the occasional bug which means the ocasional next day Sensei Format update.

HEADS UP: Sensei Format only checks for updates once a day and only when you turn on Blender, so if there is a new update but it’s not registering under File/ Sensei Format, just uncheck “Check For Updates”, restart Blender and after a moment or so you should see the option to update to the latest version of Sensei Format. In the last few releases, you can also see which version of Sensei Format you have on your computer by going to File/ Sensei Format and noting the version number at the bottom of the list. If you notice the version number at is higher than the one on your computer, than you may need to reset your “Check For Updates” as was just explained (or wait a day for Sensei Format to check on its own). If you have an old, old version of SF you may need to manually update to the latest version by first fully uninstalling Sensei Format (File/ Sensei Format/ Full Uninstall) and then deleting the addon at (File/ User Preferences/ Addons/ Sensei Format), then download and re-install the latest version at .

So in short. Sorry about all the updates but I do believe in the long run they’ll pay off for everyone. Thanks to everyone interested in Sensei Format and to the patience of all who understand that taking care of annoying stuff in the present leads to far less annoying things in the future. Thanks!

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