Simple Theme Customization And News

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Hello friends. A new feature has been added to Sensei Format which allows you to adjust the 3D view background gradient, grid, and selection color right from the properties shelf. Press “T” in the main 3D View area to bring up your properties shelf to the right. Under the menu “Display” you will now find a new option at the bottom “Customize Theme”.

This feature is for people who desire a little bit of customization but don’t need to go overboard. You can save your theme settings right from the menu and avoid ever having to open up the User Preferences window at all. Another big advantage to having this theme customization is that pressing the “All” button next to the “Selection” option will apply your chosen color to all forms of mesh selection in the 3d view whether in edit or object mode. To do this, normally requires changing 7 to 8 theme settings in User Preferences. So I hope that helps for some people.


Sensei Format now requires an email to download so you can always be kept up to date with the latest version. The download area for Sensei Format is now brandished with an orange release date so you can be sure you’re using the most recent version. If you don’t wish to receive updates when a new version is available, you can unsubscribe from them afterwords. Check out the new system here

Here are a few other updates to the most recent release of Sensei Format 6/10/2015:

• Changed default behavior of “Use Cursor Snap” which can be turned on or off in the “View” section of the Dopesheet menu at the bottom of your screen (this menu is by default nestled under the collapsed header menu icon which looks like three small horizontal lines). Now when you disable cursor snapping, keyframes will still snap to the cursor, only the cursor will not snap to keyframes or the grid.

• Added Theme Customization options to the display menu of the Properties Panel (Press T in the 3D View). This menu allows you to quickly edit and save basic changes to your workspace such as overall selection, the grid and background color.

• Stopped Face mesh tools menu of Builder from switching mesh selection type to “Face” when it is clicked. While this behavior makes sense for the other categories, mesh categories, most of the face tools actually rely on your selection mode being set to either edge or vertices to work.

The full version of Zero Brush 1.5 got a pretty big upgrade today with the new “Merge Normals” feature that allows you to instantly convert bump effects or layers into a normal map and merge any number of bump or normal maps together into a single normal map with one button. If you purchased Zero Brush 1.5 then you should have received an email containing a download link to the latest version. Here’s a video showcasing the new feature:

Simple Theme Customization And News

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Hello friends. A new feature has been added to Sensei...

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