Sensei Format Release update

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There was an issue preventing some people from moving and scaling stencil brushes in Sensei Format. This should not have affected those not using Sensei Format and just using Zero Brush 1.5. This has been fixed along with some slight resolution tweaking for lower resolution users of Sensei Format. I also updated control for the knife tool making it much smoother and intuitive to use.

Press K to use the knife tool in edit mode. Hold Ctrl to use snapping as you would with any object in edit mode and hold shift to constrain the angle. In both instances when you release shift or control you have free range of the knife tool. Also made the the “double click” to start a new knife cut a bit smarter so it functions less buggish. Right clicking will now not cancel the whole cut, but simply finish the current cut (if you prefer not to double click) which I think is more expected behaviour. You can still press Esc or double right click to cancel the cuts all together. You can press Enter or Space to confirm your cuts and press Z to cut all the way through.

Also threw in a goody I hadn’t planned on releasing until “Sensei 2015”. “Smart Fill”. When you press F in edit mode, smart fill will attempt to use the best possible fill method to fill your selection with faces. It’s also intelligent enough to know when you’re trying to bridge two edge loops and will do that for you (use only in simple scenarios as you won’t have access to the bridge edge loops options if performing a bridge edge loop in this way, use Shift-F if you need access to the options). After searching for loops to fill Smart Fill will try to grid fill so as to not distort your mesh, this works in some simple situations as grid fill is want to do, if grid fill fails, it will then perform a generic fill operation that you’re used to when pressing F in original Sensei Format. If the results are unexpected, you can keep tapping F until you cycle through something acceptable, or simply press Ctrl-Z to undo or X to delete the fill. This version of Smart Fill also fills in gaps between vertex points and edges as well as faces. Sort of a “what do I do… I don’t know… hit F? Ok.”

Between Sensei Format and the ZB addon by itself, over 1,000 people are now using the new Zero Brush five days after its release. Many thanks to all of you for your continued support for these projects!

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