Sensei Format 5.5.1 Special Update Notes

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These directions are for people updating to Sensei Format 5.5.1 (click here for more info on this version) from any version below 5.5.0. For first time users of Sensei Format, or users installing on a new computer, these notes are not necessary. For existing Sensei Format users, a special update process is required for updating to the latest version (if updating from a version before 5.5.1).

Follow these instructions to update to Sensei Format 5.5.1


Start by downloading the newest version of Sensei Format: Click here to download.


Open Blender, press the “File” button located in the top left corner of Blender. Then press “Sensei Format” and select “Update Sensei”. Browse through your computer and select the file you just downloaded (the newest version). Then press the “Update Sensei” button (this time at the top right of the screen).


Once that finishes and shuts down Blender, open up Blender again. Once again, go to “File” press “Sensei Format” then press “Full Uninstall”. Then click the “Ok” button to confirm.


Now Sensei Format has been fully removed from your system (it needed the code located in the newest version of Sensei Format, that’s why those first 3 steps were necessary). Now you should see your original Blender settings back in play. You should be able to install Sensei Format regularly now (the way you first did as instructed in the video here). However, I’ll continue to describe the full install process from here out.


Open Blender again. Now press “File” then press “User Preferences” then select the “Add-ons” tab at the top of the user preferences window. Then press the “Install Add-on From File” button located near the bottom left of the user preferences screen.


Now browse through your computer once again and select the newest file you downloaded in step 1. Then press “Install Add-on From File” button again (this time at the top right of the screen). This will finish importing the newest version. Now click the checkbox next to the Sensei Format addon you just installed and press “Ok” to the message that pops up. New version installation complete!

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