Notes On Sensei & Blender 2.8

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Hello friends! Sensei Format and our other addons will be ported to Blender 2.8 and include huge upgrades and new functionality. As mentioned by Ton (creator of Blender) in several recent conference videos, addon developers should at the bare minimum, wait for the release of Blender 2.8 beta to begin migrating their addons. The reason for this is that core Blender API features can change drastically while in development. Developing addons for an unfinished program is a bit like knitting baby clothes for a fetus rather than the final baby itself. This can make pinpointing a release date for our 2.8 ready addons difficult as nothing has been set in stone by the Blender foundation themselves.

Just about every addon in existence that was functional for 2.79 is going to have to be manually upgraded to work on 2.8, some addons will require way more attention than others. So, as you can imagine this is a bit of an exciting/anxiety-ridden time for developers whose livelihoods depend on Blender. Anyone interested in Blender Sensei addons, Sensei Format or the Crash Course should know that their investment in our ecosystem will benefit them now as well as later once official 2.8 addon releases are available. The style, basic hotkey structures, and workflows you learn now will translate directly into the new Blender 2.8.

Anyone who purchases (or has purchased) an indie license for an addon from between November 1, 2018 until the first available 2.8 versions of those purchases are available, will receive the first Blender 2.8 compatible updates of those addons for free. Additionally, changes are coming to the site which will allow anyone who’s purchased an indie license in the past, to upgrade to a pro license at a significant discount. Regarding new features in Sensei Format and our other addons, I hope to resume update videos about these soon via the devlog and other series. A lot of cool things are in the works. Until then your participation and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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