Sensei Format Installer

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A Few of The New Perks:

• Sensei Format can now be installed or uninstalled like any regular Blender addon.
• No more special installation instructions for individual operating systems.
• No longer necessary to select resolution size.

• Sensei Format can be activated/deactivated or completely uninstalled right from Blender’s File menu. Switch back and forth between regular Blender whenever you feel like it. All your original settings, addons, workspaces, theme etc… will be reinstated.

• After initially installing Sensei Format, whatever changes you make to it will be preserved when updating Blender or Sensei Format. Only the necessary core scripts will be updated allowing you to setup shop however you want and keep it that way.

• Sensei Format can now auto update (you can disable this option if you choose) additionally, Sensei Format will also auto update Blender.

The New Sensei Format Integrated Assets Library

In addition to all this, Sensei Format now has a proper assets library which allows you to link or append any file type supported by Blender (.blend, .obj, .3ds, .bvh, .svg and so on) directly from the Sensei Format library window which can now expand and retract to display full thumbnail views of whatever folder you happen to be in. The new assets library can even automatically import zipped files. Check out all the new updates here: Download the new Sensei Format here

SF Assets Library Page 01

SF Assets Library Page 02

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