May need to re-upload your site avatar… apologies.

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The site has recently undergone some changes and unfortunately the code in the settings for user avatars was corrupted. All is well now but some people may need to reupload their user avatars (if you had one or wish to have one). My apologies to everyone who lost their avatar.

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  1. Ya I know. Just had a really rotten week and getting my hopes up about this then dashed was the icing on the cake. Anyways, apologies if I came off sounding like a dick. Need to stay offline when I’m hitting the rum.

  2. No worries haha. I absolutely deserve the days into weeks into months crack… I don’t like it but it’s true. I just want for people to understand that its not because I’m not busting my ass.

  3. To make something like zero brush, I would imagine you would have to bust your ass… or sell your soul. Zero brush has to be one of the most amazing addons…. Ever! :D