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    Michael Lilley

    I’d like to thank you for taking the time and energy in developing the Sensei apps. Once your over the initial learning curve (e.g. left click instead of right), productivity goes up tenfold. I’ve been using Blender for a number of years and always struggled in finding what it was I needed. Using Format, It’s where I expect it to be.

    One small gripe. Disabling the axis colors is ok until your using a custom transformation orientation. Without the colors, you’ve got no idea what axis your working in. Also, under certain circumstances, when using a custom transformation, the axis indicator does not reflect the orientation you are using whereas the gizmo (when enabled) does.

    Anyway, thank you. I can imagine the amount of work and thought that has gone into your apps.

    Best regards

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    Hi. Thanks. Ever notice the 3D widget in the bottom left corner of the 3D View? Notice how the axes in this widget (also white) point in the direction of the main X,Y grid lines? When needed (which most of the time is seldom for most use cases) you can glance at this always on widget to know which way is X, Y and Z without the bright, glaring visual distraction of a bunch of colors on your screen. You can also change these colors back (or to whatever you want) by pressing T in the 3D View, open up the “Display” menu (in the properties panel that appears on the right side of the 3D View) and click “Customize Theme”. Set the X,Y,Z or other colors to whatever you want, then press “Save Changes”.

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