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  • Sensei Format 5.5.2 update
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    I have attempted to download and install the 5.5.2 update twice this morning, and I keep getting a message that the .zip file is not a valid update. I notice that the file I am downloading is approximately 750k as opposed to 5.5.1 being about 4 megs. Is there a problem with the 5.5.2 download?

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    Hi. 5.5.1 was not 4 megs but closer to 1/2 meg. 5.5.0 was around 4 megs (the reason being, Sensei Format used to include Filmic color management data which now comes with Blender by default so it has been removed and thus the overall Sensei Format package is a bit smaller). If you are attempting to update from 5.5.0 you’ll need to see this article:

    Sensei Format 5.5.1 Special Update Notes

    Please read it carefully and follow the instructions if you haven’t already. It is possible that you have re-downloaded the same file, then the words “copy” (or whatever your OS adds to stuff when you download the same file more than once), has changed the name of the zip. If so, attempting to use File > Sensei Format > Update Sensei might be throwing an error. Once again, if you haven’t seen the article, please read it and follow the instructions directly. Thanks.

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