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  • Roller coaster movie – How are ALL the support pillars extended to ground?
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    In the video on Roller coaster, you made D-shaped tubular structure around the tracks, which is then copied along the curve. (using C-Array, with “No stretch” option). As a result, some of the copies are located higher than the original.

    Then you selected the original and entered edit mode, and then selected the bottom section of the pillars, and then dragged it to the ground plane.

    I expected that if you drag the original by a specific distance along the -z axis, the pillars of the copies will also be extended by the same distance (not more). Therefore, logically speaking, the pillars of the copies should not reach the ground plane, because the copies are located higher than the original. But the video shows that the pillars of all the copies reach the ground plane uniformly.

    How does that work out? (what is the reason it behaves this way?)

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    Hi. Not sure which part of the video you’re referring to. Could you post the exact time. As I recall, for that video I just made a plane and pulled all the pillars low enough until they passed the plane. Their heights would have still been varied but looked equal due to the plane… could be miss remembering though. If you post the time I can tell you for sure.

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      This is an embarrassing moment: I am not able to locate the video.
      I thought the title had “roller coaster” in it, and there are two such videos.
      But both these videos don’t have that footage.

      I searched for any video that has “array” or “curve” in its title, but could not locate it.

      I went through other videos that could have this footage, but failed.
      Could you please point which video has that making of D-shaped supports along a curve?
      Then I can pinpoint the moment.

      Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your time!

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        edit: Found the video!

        It’s titled “Biggest update in sensei format history”. The part between 1:24:00 and 1:24:19 is relevant.
        Probably the support pillar pass through the ground plane, as you mentioned.
        But the quick action at 1:24:19 creates an impression that all the pillars dropped (snapped) to the floor.

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