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  • Remapping Sensei format hotkeys
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    The Material menu which opens with “Q” is conflicting with another add-on: Pie Menu.

    I would like to remap to ctrl+Q (knowing I disabled the Close Blender action already).

    Is there an easy way to do that?


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    I was able to achieve what I wanted by looking more closely in the Input options.


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    Cool. Glad you got it. There is a short graphic tut on creating new hotkeys which you can find here:

    Creating Your Own Hotkeys In Blender

    For anyone else reading this, in short, you just need to make sure the hotkey you want to use isn’t being used by something else, or disable it if it is. It’s helpful when searching for hotkeys in the input tab of the user preferences to switch the search criteria from “Name” to “Key Binding” when trying to find all potential conflicts with the key you want to use or change. Also, most special Sensei Format hotkeys are prefaced with “SFK” so when you’re searching by “Name”, type SFK for Sensei Format keys.

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