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    This forum exists so people taking the Blender Crash Course can post completed work from the course tutorials for peer review or for asking help. Please do not post in this section if you’re not taking the Crash Course which you can access by clicking “Courses” in the site navigation menu.

    Please do not link to external image or file hosting sites when posting. This will help prevent dead links and spam for people viewing these forums later in the future. Use the “Attachments” button whenever posting or replying in the forums if you need to upload images, zip or blend files (attachments load after posting). Linking to streaming sites like Youtube or your own website is also fine.

    Be as descriptive (but to the point) as possible. Include full screenshots of your issues. Posting questions like, “I can’t make it go like I want with the sculpt brush” or similar, incoherent text where little or no context is given, may result in having your post removed. Additionally, only ask for help with one (or perhaps two) issues at a time. It’s ok if you have more questions, but it’s best to try and solve them a few at a time. Failure to comply with these guidelines is grounds for having your post removed. Repeat behavior will result in permanent site banning.

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