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  • Pencil tool with inference engine?
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    My main interest is in ArchViz modeling.
    I have been trying to use Blender since its 2.4 days, but found it too complex.
    So I started using SketchUp and was quite good in it.
    But SketchUp is no longer freeware.
    And Blender Sensei appears to be so simple that I may be able to switch to Blender.

    Thus I am nowadays going through Sensei videos.

    But I really do miss that Pencil tool with its inference engine in SketchUp.
    The inference engine is aware of the existing geometries when we draw a new line.
    It can draw lines that are parallel to other lines, or drop on a line or plane as normal.
    As we move the mouse pointer, the engine shows us dotted inference lines when the pointer is aligned with any other point.
    This includes endpoints and midpoints of other lines.

    In Blender, there is no equivalent: We have to insert an object and then delete all-but-one points, and then extrude it.
    Why is this so complicated??

    Can Blender Sensei help, by providing a similar tool?

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