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    You have done great work reconfiguring Blender to be much more friendly. I have used Blender for years and have rediscovered some functions I rarely or never used thanks to you putting them in the proper context with Sensei Format.

    I would like to use Sensei Format in the production of a project based lesson series for my online course site for Homeschoolers, and would like to know if we may republishing your crash course videos on the site. Can we discuss that and ways we may collaborate.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Michael. Glad you’re enjoying Sensei Format. You’re free to direct anyone to my videos. Please don’t embed my videos as a part of a course and certainly do not copy or republish them on any site or any medium. This hurts site traffic and the community as a whole.

    Sensei Format and the Blender Crash Course are still evolving. The best way to avoid errors and stay up to date is by keeping people linked through the site and youtube channel. If you want to design courses with direct links to either my site or youtube channel you’re welcome to do that.

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    Sensei, Thanks for your quick response. I certainly respect your wishes and that’s why I asked. I will be glad to steer people to your site for the latest information regarding Sensei Format and your other addons and tutorials. I do hope you have plans to continue your work and I hope I can help showcase your excellent tools in some courses. If at any time you want to discuss offering your video tutorials through the site ads-free I can set you up with an instructor account and discuss revenue share. Until then, let me know how I can help and I will let you know how things develop with any courses. I plan to run Sensei format by my college Blender class and see how they respond to your configuration. – Best wishes and God bless.

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