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  • In cycles render, doesn't work render in View port Shading
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    I’ve just started to use Sensei Format.
    So I’m customizing now.
    I use cycles render, and I changed settings as I used to.
    However it doesn’t work render(shift + Z) in Viewport Shading.
    3D view just changed to black.

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    By default Sensei Format automatically unpauses Blender’s 3D Viewport when you press “Shift-Z” to perform a render preview (enter rendered viewport shading). Blender default keys will not do this. Your screen is black because your 3D Viewport is paused, look next to where it says “Rendere Layer” down in the 3D View header menu for the pause button.

    If you were using Sensei Format hotkeys, this would not happen. This should only be happening if you’re using default Blender Shift-Z (which does not bother to ensure the 3D View screen gets unpaused) or if you changed the hotkeys for this in some way since installing Sensei Format.

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    Thank you for your reply.
    I found the pause button below the 3D Viewport.
    I didn’t know there is such a button.
    Now it works.

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