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  • how to handle a big project
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    I have been working on an animation, and it involves a big functioning umbrellas with proper mechanics. but the issue I have is how do I handle such big scenes in blender. what is the sequence to properly execute a project. I am good at building models, applying textures using substance painter and animating them and after this I put my models and their copies(if required) in a scene and animate using a camera. this was the workflow I used to follow for small projects but its not working for bigger projects. kindly guide me how to breakdown the project what are the proper steps to execute any big project.

    thank you

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    Hi. That’s a bit like asking “how do I build a skyscraper?” The answer is, with a lot of knowledge about how to build a skyscraper. Much of the purpose of the Crash Course (free here on the site Crash Course) is to make it possible for a small team (or even one seriously motivated humanbeing) to accomplish large scale projects. The segment of the Crash Course focused on structure here should help: Object Structure But I would recommend taking the whole course from scratch.

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