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  • fill circle with single face
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    I’ve notice in default blender if you use F to fill a circle (vert select) it fills it with a single face, but Sensei format fills it with quad faces (which is cool). However, just wondering if there is some way of filling a circle the same as default blender in Sensei to save having to dissolve vertices to make one face (cause I’m a lazy)? Everything else I try just makes a mess of faces.

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    Hi. This is because Sensei Format uses a custom operator “Smart Fill” to contextually perform the most likely desired mesh filling operation. For instance if you have one face selected and another selected parallel to it, it will bridge the mesh. Where possible it will grid-fill mesh holes (such as a mesh circle) rather than creating an Ngon (which is what default Fill “F” would do) which usually renders poorly when used with bevel, subsurface, or other modifiers, smoothing etc.

    You can always find default Blender functionality in the header menu items down where it says “View Select Add Mesh” etc. and in the other tool tabs. In this situation you could click Mesh > Fill and just press Fill, or Ctrl-F to bring up the mesh fill menu. You can also double tap Space immediately after adding something to access its creation options menu. After adding a circle you could set its fill type to “Ngon”.

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