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  • Draw Skin Tool Lesson, Need Help
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    So I’m having some issues with the draw skin tool lesson, specifically the part where you apply the mirror modifier and then extrude on both sides to create a torso. Whenever I try to do this I wind up with this seam running down the middle. Ive tried increasing the branching, turning on clipping and redoing the project from start several times but to no avail. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Ive added screenshots of the model before and after extrusion for reference. I’m pretty frustrated at this point so any help is very appreciated.

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    Hi. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. There have been some changes to the “Quick Mirror” (Shift-W while in Object mode) tool which are probably mostly responsible for the issue you’re having. I’ve fixed the code to better contextually handle objects using skin modifiers for the next release of Sensei Format. Until it’s updated, I’ll add a note to the Crash Course and annotation to the video.

    You need to move your mirror modifier to the top of the modifier stack. You can do this by pressing the little up arrow (which sits right next to the down arrow and the x button) in the top right corner of each modifier box. So in the last picture you posted, for instance, you can see your mirror modifier sits at the bottom of the stack. Press its up arrow until it is sitting on top of all the other modifiers (the way the skin modifier is sitting at the top in your pictures).

    If you haven’t already, highly recommend watching the “Intro To Modifiers” video found on this page: for a more in depth look at how modifiers work and why their positions are important.

    If you start over, add a Draw Skin object then enter Object mode, and then manually add a mirror modifier by pressing the “Add Modifier” button, then position the mirror modifier to the top of the stack and then go back into edit mode, you shouldn’t have any issues. A good way to troubleshoot stuff like this though is to click the “eye” icon on each modifier which will hide its effects in the 3D View and play with the positions of modifiers to see how their order and each modifier effect is producing the final outcome. In the next release of Sensei Format you shouldn’t have to do any of this stuff manually though.

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