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  • Blender Sensei Format 5.52 issue
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    I had to uninstall Blender to try a fix an issue upon re-install I installed Blender Sensei and I have version 5.51 the system tells me there is an update but it won’t download when I un-installed I did have 5.52 so where can I download this version again without going through the store??

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    The version available on the store or product page for Sensei Format will always download the latest version. You can always check what version is newest above where it says Resources by clicking on “Software Update Logs”. Why wouldn’t you go through the store? Also there were some update issues with 5.5.0 (see front page of site) and in 5.5.1 the ability for Sensei Format to auto download and install updates to Sensei Format was changed, you can read more about it here: Sensei Format “Auto Update”

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