Blender News FORUMS General Help Anyone know of any body mocap software?

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  • Anyone know of any body mocap software?
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    Anyone know of any body mocap software?

    I’d like something I can use to motion capture both my body and face because I’m not sure how to do both for the same armature in blender. I seen a few, but no programs that does both. Does anyone know of any that I can use and prehaps export the file for use in blender? OR a tutorial to combine the motion capture face and body data and export it as one file for a game I’m making in unity? Blender does not have Html5 exporting as far as i know sadly. Any help Is apprecatied, thank you for your time everyone. :D

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    I want to know of a way to apply motion capture data of a face and body to a model in blender. Does anyone know how to make this happen A turtoil or something would be great Thank you for your time

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    Hi. I actually have been planning on doing a tutorial on this. This will likely happen when the next version of Sensei Format is released and the Blender Crash Course gets an overhaul.

    For now, what you’re looking for is .bvh files. There are plenty of free ones out there on the internet. If you find some of these, store them in a folder where you keep your Blender library assets (for your Sensei Format assets library). Then navigate to them after opening up the assets library, select a .bvh file and press “Append”. This will bring the .bvh file into Blender as an animated armature (or should atleast, depending on whether or not you’ve found good .bvh files). I’ve updated Sensei Format to change the display of the “Append” and “Link” text to read different things when importing different kind of files, so this process should be a bit less vague in the future.

    If you press play, you should be able to see the imported .bvh file (now in the form of an armature) animate and do something interesting. From there you can create or load a mesh object (character, robot, head, whatever makes sense for the .bvh file) then select the object and then shift select the armature and press the big “Parent” button in the Builder menu, to parent the mesh object to the armature. Hopefully this much gets you rolling. More on this soon.

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