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Drag & Drop Environments

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DND ENV lets you drag any image type from Blender's file browser into a 3D View window and automatically generate a 3D environment. This addon supports SIBL, dual map loading and includes a simple library button for quick access to your environments and other assets.

SIBL & Dual Map Support

DND Env can detect and load dual map systems like those created for the SIBL format or any set of environment maps which include HDR, HDRI or EXR files as well as high-res/low-resource JPEG (or other file formats) backplate images. Each map is configured automatically in a way that best takes advantage of its file type. Simple slider buttons make it easy to control the flow of energy from the various map types.

You can also use JPEG images as representative thumbnails for loading HDR, HDRI or EXR files. The large HDR files can be stored in separate folders, DND Env will then search for the corresponding HDR and load only that image instead of the JPEG thumbnail once dropped into a 3D View. This makes DND Env the ideal tool for using free and commercial environment packs from around the web.

Includes 5 HDR Skies

Each environment includes a 16k JPEG backplate environment image and 4k high dynamic range image for superior lighting at render time.

Drag & Drop Environments is awesome at automatically loading multiple maps and dynamically generating the necessary assets to best take advantage of each map type.