Drag And Drop Environments

HDRI maps are images used in 3D software to create skies, brilliant backdrops or supply ultra realistic lighting for 3D renders and animations. This addon automatically generates fully HDRI-lit renderable (and viewport visible) environments from any image you drag and drop into your 3D View in Blender.

Use amazing free environment maps from sites like these (links below). Just download the images to your environments folder after installing D&D Environments. Then you can drag and drop any image from your folder into Blender’s 3D View window to instantly construct an environment for either Blender Render or Cycles. The environments are immediately visible in the 3D viewport as well as at render time and will light your scenes beautifully.

The addon also includes a simple library feature providing you with quick access to your environments, Blender files, images as well as other elements in your library.

The beauty of this addon is that it grants you instant use of thousands of free or paid HDR, panoramic and more environment images from around the net to light your renders and inspire your workspace while in Blender. As an added bonus, included are 12 beautiful, seamless 4096X2048 sky environments perfect for backdrops, lighting and animation.

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• Can Blender do something like this already?
ANSWER: Not unless you want to set it all up manually. Dragging an image into the 3D View without this addon will create a background image (like a reference picture not an environment that shows up when you render or lights your scene).

• Does this setup environments for Blender Render and Cycles?
ANSWER: Yes, or you can change the settings to only load Blender Render. It does a lot more things also, check the playlist up top.

• Do I have to use the built in Library Feature?
ANSWER: No, you can drag an environment image into the 3D View from any Blender file browser window and you can disable the library feature if you want. You can also load environment images directly via a button in the addon menu (if you prefer not to use drag and drop).

• Can I change environment settings like energy from the 3D View?
ANSWER: Of course! The DND Environments addon gives you immediate access to energy, brightness, contrast, color, saturation, environment rotation and scaling right from your 3D view window. There’s also a reset button that allows you to do a lot of quick testing.

• Can you see the environment while working in the 3D view?
ANSWER: Yes, you can while in Cycles mode. If using Blender version 2.77 or greater you can also see your environment in Blender Render mode as well. When it comes time to render, your environment will display and light your scene in Blender Render and Cycles.

• What other type of images or environment packs can I use with this addon?
ANSWER: Any image file type Blender can load such as .HDR, .PNG, .JPG, .TIFF, .TGA and more, this addon will convert into a fully lit environment in either Blender Render or Cycles or both if you choose. Have fun with thousands of free panoramic pictures from around the net or other purchased environment packs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the most amazing thing ever! Thank you so much for making my life easier!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I bought Zero Brush last night, it is like night and day, I have only been learning Blender for a month but this mod makes it so much easier. I wish I would have saved my money on a couple other addons before finding this jem. I’ll have to save my pennies and buy this environments addon asap.

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