PSD support in Blender!

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Those moments when you discover a crucially important feature has actually been available for years! Apparently Blender has had support for PSD files since 2.70… It’s possible I discovered this in the past but forgot about it after trying to load a layered .PSD file and it not working. Which using layered .PSD files in […]

ZB Particle Edit Mode Options

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The Zero Brush Particle Edit Mode has had a complete makeover, including a complete rehashing of the particle brush menu. These new tools make creating, animating and coloring multi-layered hair particle systems super easy. Download the high-res, updated user manual by clicking here: DOWNLOAD ZB MANUAL Purchase Zero Brush in the Blender Sensei store by […]

Sensei Format Installer

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A Few of The New Perks: • Sensei Format can now be installed or uninstalled like any regular Blender addon. • No more special installation instructions for individual operating systems. • No longer necessary to select resolution size. • Sensei Format can be activated/deactivated or completely uninstalled right from Blender’s File menu. Switch back and […]

Sensei Format Fixed And Updated

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Hello everyone, if you downloaded Sensei Format (which you can get by clicking HERE) between July 17th and 12:00 PM July 20th, then you’ll definitely want to go and redownload Sensei Format and install it again. There was a bug causing some of the Sensei Format addons not to display properly. My apologies but this […]

Simple Theme Customization And News

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Hello friends. A new feature has been added to Sensei Format which allows you to adjust the 3D view background gradient, grid, and selection color right from the properties shelf. Press “T” in the main 3D View area to bring up your properties shelf to the right. Under the menu “Display” you will now find […]


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I started uploading the new video tutorial series when it finally really sank in, most of the video and sound quality of my tutorials are, by today’s standards, not great. So I’ve invested in upgrading both fields. The new Blender Crash course videos will be filmed at deliciously high frame rates and very smooth playback. […]

Why Pay?

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A lite version of Zero Brush 1.5 will now be installed with Sensei Format by default for free. Those interested in the full feature set of Zero Brush 1.5 (found here) can purchase a copy in the store (HERE) to help fund further development. Sensei Format will of course continue to be free (it will […]

Windows .zip Sensei Format Install Notice

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IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO SENSEI FORMAT WINDOWS USERS: Windows users, installing Sensei format via the .zip file is the easiest way, however by installing this way you’ll need to always open up files you save by first opening up Blender.exe (or shortcut to Blender.exe) and navigating to your file or by using the library that we […]

Sensei Format Release update

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There was an issue preventing some people from moving and scaling stencil brushes in Sensei Format. This should not have affected those not using Sensei Format and just using Zero Brush 1.5. This has been fixed along with some slight resolution tweaking for lower resolution users of Sensei Format. I also updated control for the […]

Blender 2.73 Wow.

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So it looks like Blender 2.73 is on its way with release candidates available at Once again I apologize for the long wait between releases of Sensei Format and Zero Brush. This new version has some incredible new features such as a massive update to the grease pencil tool which will probably end up […]

Because I Choose To 2.72

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Hello friends. Blender 2.72 release candidates are now available at There are a lot of huge upgrades and changes in this version that I’ve had to change a lot of things for Sensei Format. The current version of Sensei Format and Zero Brush are not yet compatible with this latest release. Sensei Format and […]

Forums now support uploading images and attachments

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You can now upload images, screenshots, PDF, PSD, DOC, TXT, JPG, GIF, ZIP, and of course .blend files when creating new topics or when responding in the forums. The max file size for these uploads is only 5MB (these should be mostly for the purpose of demonstrating ideas, issues etc… or for displaying your new […]

Forums now support formatting for code

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I’ve updated the forums to be able to properly handle posts with code. Just make sure you put a <pre> before your code and a </pre> after your code. If you forget, there is a reminder of how to implement posts with code at the bottom of new topics and replies.

The All New Sensei Format

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Sensei Format has just gone beast mode. Here is a list of the latest updates and features. NEW WORKSPACE: HACKER Hacker is the first of several new workspaces I have planned for Sensei Format (See bottom of article). Hacker brings all of Blender’s scripting abilities to the table along with several new features of its […]

You can now track your posts in the forum.

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Added some desperately needed functionality to the site’s forums. After posting a topic, you can now check mark whether or not you’d like to be updated if someone replies to a topic you created or a reply you’ve made. Also you can now subscribe to topics and keep track of them via your user profile. […]

Updating Blender For Sensei Format

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I Just upgraded from Blender version 2.68 to 2.69. Everything seems to be working fine with Sensei Format. All you have to do is go to the original folder where you installed the Sensei Format 3 files and change its name from “2.68” to “2.69”. If you need help remembering where this folder is please […]

Theme Update

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Ok, so I’ve tweaked the Blender Sensei Format 3 color scheme just a little. These changes will not affect the functionality of Sensei format 3 or the ability to follow any of the tutorials. They will however increase contrast and clarity in the 3D viewport. To install this theme: 1. Download the 2. Extract […]

Updated The Main Playlist

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I’ve taken advantage of a Youtube playlist feature I discovered today by removing the intro and outros of the videos on the playlist “Learn 3D Animation In A Day!” This has reduced the amount of total time in that series by almost 30 minutes. If someone is already invested in watching the playlist, then they […]

Blender Sensei: Blog Review Post

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BLENDER MADE EASY Sensei Format makes learning Blender easy. Learn the world’s most impressive, free 3D software in hours. SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE Join over 1500 subscribers on youtube and stay updated with the latest tutorials and tips. LEARN ON ANY COMPUTER Blender works on all operating systems. Sensei Format installs by pasting one file into […]

Theme Update

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These changes regard color schemes within the 3D view for object and edit modes and will not change any functionality of Sensei Format 3. If you’re following along with the tutorial series, please note these changes will not affect your ability to follow the tutorials at all. They are completely optional, just wanted to share […]

Why Are You Doing This?

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Blender rules. Thousands of contributors around the world have worked for decades to make this software what it is. The possible applications for Blender are endless, and therein lies my core reason for doing this. I just decided there was too much that slowed down using and teaching Blender for the individual/small group users. Sensei […]

DuckDuckGo Is Cool!

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Looking on my dashboard today noticing that almost half of my traffic was being funneled in from the new search engine Went to check it out and low and behold who should I find representing the startup but alternative comic, Mike Birbiglia. Neat. I’m not one to often sway from the likes of Google […]